Bolivian Ram Tank Mates

Ideal Bolivian Ram Tank Mates for Your Aquarium

Discover the perfect bolivian ram tank mates to create a harmonious aquarium community. Learn which fish complement your Bolivian Ram's peaceful nature.

Bolivian Ram Tank Mates: Did you know that Bolivian Rams, those peaceful and vibrant Cichlids, can be an excellent addition to your aquarium? Selecting tank mates for your Bolivian Ram is important. Look for fish that are similar in size and temperament. This approach lets you build a peaceful aquarium community, bringing joy to any fish lover.

Key Takeaways:

Characteristics of Bolivian Rams

Bolivian Rams are beautiful fish with vibrant colors. They swim gracefully. Colors like silver, blue, yellow, and red make them pop in any tank. They’re peaceful fish, unlike some aggressive Cichlids. This makes them perfect friends for many types of fish.

They grow to about 3.5 inches. Small enough for little tanks. They need a 30-gallon tank at least. This gives them and their friends plenty of room to swim.

Bolivian Rams eat both plants and protein foods. A mix of high-quality pellets, live or frozen food, and some veggies will keep them healthy. Their colors will stay bright too.

These fish can live for about four years. Their gentle nature and beautiful colors make them loved by many fishkeepers. They fit well in tanks, whether you’re new to this or have lots of experience.

Tank Setup for Bolivian Rams

Setting up the right tank for Bolivian Rams is key to their happiness. Here’s what they need:

  • Tank Size: A 30-gallon tank gives them enough room to explore.
  • Water Temperature: Water should be 72 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, just like their home waters.
  • pH Levels: They like water that’s slightly acidic to neutral, pH 6.0 to 7.5.
  • Water Hardness: Keep water hardness between 0 to 10 dKH for their comfort.

Give them hiding spots and plants for exploring. Also, clean water and regular water changes are a must for their well-being.

Choosing Tank Mates for Bolivian Rams

Pick tank mates that like peace and quiet, just like Bolivian Rams. Good friends for them include:

  • Platyfish: They’re peaceful and look great with Bolivian Rams.
  • Corydoras Catfish: These friendly catfish live at the bottom and won’t bother anyone.
  • Swordtail Fish: They’re active and fun, needing enough room to coexist.
  • Guppies: These little ones are peaceful and like planted areas to hide.
  • Tiger Barbs: They can be a bit pushy but do well in bigger tanks.

Always learn about the fish you want to introduce. This ensures everyone gets along well.

15 Best Bolivian Ram Tank Mates

Cherry Barbs

Cherry Barbs are colorful and calm, perfect for Bolivian Rams. These small fish grow up to 2 inches. They love living with Bolivian Rams because they share a peaceful nature. A tank full of plants and hiding places is ideal for them.


Platyfish are excellent Bolivian Ram companions. They grow between 2-4 inches and have beautiful colors. Being peaceful, they live well with Bolivian Rams. They help keep the tank clean by eating algae.

Molly Fish

Molly Fish are peaceful and can adjust to different water conditions. These fish grow to 2-4 inches. They’re not only calm but also great at eating algae. Ensure the tank has lots of space and hiding spots for peace.

Corydoras Catfish

Corydoras Catfish varieties like Peppered, Melanistius, Panda, and Gold Lasers are good mates for Bolivian Rams. They grow to 1-3 inches and are very peaceful. Make sure the tank has plenty of room and hiding places.

Dwarf Gouramis

Dwarf Gouramis, pretty and peaceful, match well with Bolivian Rams. They usually grow about 3.5 inches. With a peaceful nature, they live well with Bolivian Rams, often staying in different tank parts. Ensure a healthy diet and clean tank for their happiness.

Silver Dollar Fish

Silver Dollar Fish are a bit larger, around 6 inches, but still friendly with Bolivian Rams in big tanks. They need at least a 75-gallon tank to be happy. Their gentle nature means they can live with Bolivian Rams if there’s enough space and hiding spots.

When picking friends for your Bolivian Rams, choose fish that are similar in size and temperament. The fish listed above are some of the best matches for a peaceful community tank. A spacious, well-hidden, and plant-rich tank is key. By choosing the right tank mates, you’ll create a beautiful and calm aquarium for all your fish to enjoy.

Cherry Barbs and Bolivian Rams

Cherry Barbs are peaceful and colorful, making them great friends for Bolivian Rams. They grow to about 2 inches. This size is perfect for the smaller Bolivian Rams. Together, they add beauty and life to any tank.

Creating the right home for Cherry Barbs and Bolivian Rams is key. Fill it with plants, foliage, and rocks for swimming and hiding. Rocks and caves will make Bolivian Rams happy since they love the bottom. Cherry Barbs will have fun in the open with lots of plants.

Here is a suggested tank setup for Cherry Barbs and Bolivian Rams:

Tank Size Minimum of 30 gallons
Temperature 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit
Water Conditions Freshwater with a pH level of 6.5-7.5
Decorations Plenty of plants, rocks, and caves for hiding and exploring
Compatible Tank Mates Peaceful fish like Platyfish, Corydoras Catfish, and Dwarf Gouramis

Stick to these tank setup tips for a happy, beautiful aquarium. Cherry Barbs and Bolivian Rams will make your tank colorful and calm. Your aquarium will become a joy to see in your home.

Platyfish and Bolivian Rams

Platyfish and Bolivian Rams

Platyfish stand out with their shiny gold and black colors. They add beauty to any fish tank. These fish, known as Platypoecilus, get along well with Bolivian Rams. They match in size and personality.

Platyfish grow to about 3.5 inches, similar to Bolivian Rams. This size match means Platyfish won’t be seen as food by the Rams. So, they can live peacefully together.

Both Platyfish and Bolivian Rams need enough room in the tank. For Platyfish, a group of three to six is ideal. They need at least a 50-gallon tank to be happy. This size helps them swim freely and have their own space.

Bolivian Rams do well in a 30-gallon tank for a pair. This gives them space to move and act naturally. They like water that’s 75-82°F and slightly acidic to neutral, with soft to medium hardness.

A tank of 50 gallons or more is best for both fish types. It ensures they have enough space and reduces fighting over territory.

Tank Requirements for Platyfish and Bolivian Rams
Species Tank Size
Platyfish Minimum of 50 gallons
Bolivian Rams Minimum of 30 gallons

It’s important to make a good home for both Platyfish and Bolivian Rams. Add hiding spots like plants and caves. Keep the water in the right condition for them to be healthy and live long.

Platyfish and Bolivian Rams are great together if their tank is set up right. Looking after both types makes your aquarium a happy place.

Molly Fish and Bolivian Rams

Molly Fish come from Central and South America. They are peaceful and match well with Bolivian Rams. They grow up to 2-4 inches, fitting nicely with Bolivian Rams’ size.

One great thing about Molly Fish is they help keep the tank clean. They like to eat algae, helping the tank stay clean. They eat insects, worms, and foods based on algae.

To make sure Molly Fish and Bolivian Rams do well together, give them the right food. It’s vital to meet their specific diet needs for their health.


Make sure your tank fits both Molly Fish and Bolivian Rams before adding them. Bolivian Rams can get up to 3.5 inches and need at least a 30-gallon tank. They both need space to swim and places to hide.

Watch how these fish get along in the tank. They are usually calm, but sometimes they chase each other. With enough room and the right setup, you can keep problems low.

Mixing Molly Fish with Bolivian Rams makes for a beautiful tank. Just make sure their sizes, food, and tank needs match. Do your homework and watch them closely for a happy tank.

Corydoras Catfish and Bolivian Rams

Corydoras Catfish and Bolivian Rams Image

Pygmy and Dwarf Corydoras Catfish are great friends for Bolivian Rams. These catfish grow up to 1-3 inches long and are very peaceful. When it’s time for Rams to spawn, they might chase Corydoras around. So, it’s good to have a tank that’s at least 30 gallons to give them space.

Corydoras Catfish are small, which makes them perfect for living with Bolivian Rams. They’re calm and won’t bother Rams. These catfish, being 1-3 inches long, are not scary to Rams. This way, there’s no fighting.

Normally, Bolivian Rams are okay with Corydoras Catfish. But they might chase them when it’s time to have babies. Make sure your tank is big enough so they can have their own areas. A tank that holds 30 gallons is best for everyone to get along.

When you mix Corydoras Catfish with Bolivian Rams, it looks nice and they get along well. Corydoras search for food at the bottom, and Rams like the top and middle. This helps them live together without problems.

Dwarf Gouramis and Bolivian Rams

Dwarf Gouramis are friendly fish that get along well with Bolivian Rams. They are both peaceful and grow to a similar size of about 3.5 inches. This makes them good tank mates.

Dwarf Gouramis hang out near the top of the tank, while Bolivian Rams stay at the bottom. They use different parts of the tank. This setup lets Rams explore the bottom and Gouramis swim near the top without bothering each other.

It’s crucial to feed Dwarf Gouramis a variety of foods for their health. Offer them quality flakes, pellets, and some freeze-dried or frozen foods. Also, keeping the water clean and checking its quality is key for their and the Rams’ health.

A 20-gallon tank is good for a few Dwarf Gouramis and Bolivian Rams. If you add more fish, you might need a bigger tank. It’s also important to have lots of hiding places and plants. This makes the tank a cozy home for them.


When choosing friends for Bolivian Rams, remember they are small and calm. Good choices include Cherry Barbs, Platyfish, and Molly Fish. Corydoras Catfish, Dwarf Gouramis, and Silver Dollar Fish also get along well with them. Together, they make a peaceful fish community.

Bolivian Rams reach up to 3.5 inches and need at least a 30-gallon tank. They can live for four years with proper care. Each fish species mentioned prefers certain tank sizes too.

To keep Bolivian Ram and their friends happy, set up their tanks right. Make sure there’s enough room to swim and keep the peace. It’s important to watch how they get along and give them places to hide.

In the end, picking the right tank mates for Bolivian Rams makes your aquarium look amazing. Think about their size, mood, and space needs. This way, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy fish community.


What are the ideal tank mates for Bolivian Rams?

The ideal tank mates for Bolivian Rams are Cherry Barbs, Platyfish, Molly Fish, Corydoras Catfish, Dwarf Gouramis, and Silver Dollar Fish. These fish match well with the Bolivian Rams’ size and nature. This combo makes for a peaceful tank.

What are the characteristics of Bolivian Rams?

Bolivian Rams are peaceful and colorful. They love to swim in unique ways. They grow to about 3.5 inches and need a 30-gallon tank minimum.They’re easygoing and eat both plants and animals. With good care, they can live up to four years.

How many ideal Bolivian Ram tank mates are there?

There are 15 perfect tank mates for Bolivian Rams, including Cherry Barbs, Platyfish, Molly Fish, Corydoras Catfish, Dwarf Gouramis, and Silver Dollar Fish. They all fit well because of their similar sizes and peaceful ways.

How do Cherry Barbs and Bolivian Rams coexist in the same tank?

Cherry Barbs and Bolivian Rams live well together if they have enough space. They enjoy tanks filled with plants and places to hide. Cherry Barbs are small, only about 2 inches, and like lots of room to swim and hide.

Are Platyfish suitable tank mates for Bolivian Rams?

Yes, Platyfish are good friends for Bolivian Rams. They come in beautiful colors and are about the same size. Platyfish can be territorial with their kind but are kind to Bolivian Rams. A 50-gallon tank is best for them to live together.

What should be the diet for Molly Fish and Bolivian Rams?

Molly Fish and Bolivian Rams both enjoy a varied diet. Mollys eat algae and help keep the tank clean. They also like insects and worms. Healthy food and care make both species thrive together.

Can Corydoras Catfish be good tank mates for Bolivian Rams?

Yes, Corydoras Catfish like the Pygmy Cory are great with Bolivian Rams. They’re both peaceful but may chase each other sometimes. A tank of at least 30 gallons ensures they have space to live happily.

How well do Dwarf Gouramis and Bolivian Rams get along?

Dwarf Gouramis and Bolivian Rams are good tank mates. Their calm natures work well together. Dwarf Gouramis stay at the top, and Rams at the bottom, so they don’t bother each other much. Good food and tank maintenance keep them both healthy.

What are the best tank mate options for Bolivian Rams?

The best tank mates for Bolivian Rams are Cherry Barbs, Platyfish, Molly Fish, Corydoras Catfish, Dwarf Gouramis, and Silver Dollar Fish. They get along because of their similar sizes and peaceful tempers. With the right setup and care, they all create a happy tank.


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